Still here!

Lost the password to this crazy thing, but I found it and all is well.

So, news: took the GRE when I didn’t have to. I was told I did, then I didn’t, then I did again. So I paid the $200 and took it, and was then told, definitively, that I did not need it. So, $200 wasted. I think. Maybe. Unless someone else changes their mind.

News 2: It’s very cold in Germany and I am not adequately prepared. I need socks–thick, wool socks–so I can keep my feet from turning black and falling off.

News 3: Contract signed for Nightingale. Yay! Waiting for input on certain other issues.

News 4: Formatting and rewriting pieces of Book 3.

News 5: Book 2 editing (on my end) finished. This probably should have been News 1.

About melissamickelsen

Melissa Mickelsen wrote her first book at age fourteen when she discovered that writing was just as fun as reading. After earning a master’s degree in technical communication, she worked in Germany writing and designing newsletters for a nonprofit organization. As a military spouse, Melissa lives with her husband and their two children wherever the government sends them. You can visit her website at
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1 Response to Still here!

  1. Daddy says:

    We loved your website. I always knew you would be great. We love you.
    Daddy and Gale

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