Hello everyone! It looks like Amazon has made the Kindle and trade paperback editions of Bones of the Vale available for sale already.

I hope you enjoy! If you do, please consider leaving a review. 🙂

About melissamickelsen

Melissa Mickelsen wrote her first book at age fourteen when she discovered that writing was just as fun as reading. After earning a master’s degree in technical communication, she worked in Germany writing and designing newsletters for a nonprofit organization. As a military spouse, Melissa lives with her husband and their two children wherever the government sends them. You can visit her website at
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4 Responses to Amazon

  1. Nick Savage says:

    Just seen this. Going to get it right now. Thanks so much

  2. Nick Savage says:

    Just got my book today. Will be ready it as fast as possible, can’t wait.

  3. Nick Savage says:

    Just got to reading the book yesterday after a month. It is great so far. Has a great feel like the first book. I think I got a special copy or there is a misprint on the spline. The L is missing in your first name. Just wanted to let ya know. Great job on the book

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