Valentine’s Day

Today, tomorrow, and Sunday are good days to load up your Kindle with ‪#‎FREEFICTION‬ from Hadley Rille Books for our free download Valentine’s weekend special.

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9 Days Left in the IndieGoGo Campaign!

Support the Growth of Hadley Rille Books: A Quality Small Press Publisher

Less than 10 days left until our campaign ends. Where does the time go?

We are definitely feeling the love here at Hadley Rille, and very much appreciate everything you have done to support and spread the word about not just our campaign, but about our fantastic books and authors. Please continue to help us out as we make our final push toward our goal!

We’re definitely doing our part over here in the virtual back office to share the mission of Hadley Rille Books with the world. Check out this interview over at Adventures in SciFi Publishing, in which Kim Vandervort talks about the role of strong female characters in fiction and the media. She also recommends some great reads from other HRB authors and discusses just why people should support our campaign. To further push our campaign to the next level, Kim has also committed to creating a fantasy-esque name for every backer on her personal or author Facebook and writing them into her next novel. The potential for new characters flooding her next novel is mind-boggling!

Elsewhere on the internet, Shauna Roberts is kicking in a whole list of add-on perks from her personal stash — in addition to the perks you may have already purchased! Free books, pens, notebooks, a short story written just for you, all kinds of awesome goodies! Current backers, make sure you visit her blog and follow the instructions to take advantages of these perks, and be sure to tell your friends!

But wait… there’s more! For those of you going to Comic-Con this week, we’re going to run a special “Find Kim Vandervort” contest. Kim will be attending the show Thursday through Saturday, and will be tweeting clues to her location throughout the show from our twitter (hadleyrillebks). Favorite her tweets, find, and meet up with Kim and you will be entered to win one of our new audiobooks (a $30 value)!

Keep watching our Hadley Rille Books facebook page from now through the end of our campaign for more add-ons and special goodies. And as always, please tell your friends!

Thank you for keeping the momentum going.

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I <3 Heroines!

You know you want a t-shirt with this awesome art on it! Support my publisher’s fundraising campaign and you can wear one with pride! Campaign ends July 31st.


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Book 2 Snippet

“In Nhoternis, women do not wear breeches unless they are guardians. So,” he said, “it is strange to see here.”
“I am no guardian,” I said, “and I wear what I please.”
“I see that,” he said, handing me the arrow, turning his arm just enough so that my fingers brushed the soft skin on the inside of his wrist. It was an accident, of course. “Have you been practicing long today?”
No,” I answered, a little discomfited. “I am taking a rest from working with Ciall, the healer.”
He laughed, a pleasing, liquid sound. “This is your rest?”
I shrugged a shoulder. “Yes.” I slid the arrow back into the quiver and attached it to my belt.

– Bones of the Vale, Chapter 2

Please help Hadley Rille Books grow! I’m offering a deleted scene from (short story length) and a signed copy of Nightingale to those who donate a certain amount. Other Hadley Rille authors are offering signed copies, walk-on roles, manuscript critiques, and more. If you want to help a small, quality press that focuses on strong, female characters and speculative fiction, please check out the campaign at the link below. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

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If you enjoyed Nightingale or any other books by Hadley Rille, a quality small press, please consider sharing and supporting our Indiegogo campaign.

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Hadley Rille Books is running a Memorial Day Weekend sale. All Kindle novels, novellas, and anthologies are just $0.99; Kindle short stories can be downloaded for FREE. Sale lasts through Monday.

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Snippet #1

“It is our pleasure to be here, Lady Dayeriu.” The lord turned. “And you are the famous Tylidae, lost child of Carfuinel,” he continued, dark eyes on me. “The Nightingale, I have heard.” – Bones of the Vale, Chapter 1

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