I <3 Heroines!

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Book 2 Snippet

“In Nhoternis, women do not wear breeches unless they are guardians. So,” he said, “it is strange to see here.”
“I am no guardian,” I said, “and I wear what I please.”
“I see that,” he said, handing me the arrow, turning his arm just enough so that my fingers brushed the soft skin on the inside of his wrist. It was an accident, of course. “Have you been practicing long today?”
No,” I answered, a little discomfited. “I am taking a rest from working with Ciall, the healer.”
He laughed, a pleasing, liquid sound. “This is your rest?”
I shrugged a shoulder. “Yes.” I slid the arrow back into the quiver and attached it to my belt.

– Bones of the Vale, Chapter 2

Please help Hadley Rille Books grow! I’m offering a deleted scene from (short story length) and a signed copy of Nightingale to those who donate a certain amount. Other Hadley Rille authors are offering signed copies, walk-on roles, manuscript critiques, and more. If you want to help a small, quality press that focuses on strong, female characters and speculative fiction, please check out the campaign at the link below. Any amount is greatly appreciated.


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If you enjoyed Nightingale or any other books by Hadley Rille, a quality small press, please consider sharing and supporting our Indiegogo campaign.


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Hadley Rille Books is running a Memorial Day Weekend sale. All Kindle novels, novellas, and anthologies are just $0.99; Kindle short stories can be downloaded for FREE. Sale lasts through Monday.


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Snippet #1

“It is our pleasure to be here, Lady Dayeriu.” The lord turned. “And you are the famous Tylidae, lost child of Carfuinel,” he continued, dark eyes on me. “The Nightingale, I have heard.” – Bones of the Vale, Chapter 1

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Sorry for the long delay in posting. Things have been super busy lately. We’re getting ready to move back to the USA from Germany. I’m excited to go home. I miss enchiladas so much. 😦

Still waiting for a publishing date for Book 2. My publisher has been having some health problems lately so things at Hadley Rille are going slow for a while. I’m taking the downtime to work on Book 3 in between packing up the house and getting all the necessary items in place for moving across the ocean. It’s a big job.

I’ve set a reminder on WordPress to hopefully help me remember to post more often. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

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HRB Birthday Sale

Starting November 27, for Hadley Rille Book’s birthday, all e-book editions will be reduced to $0.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The sale should last for about a week. Yay!

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